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All type of entrance and external doors customised to your wishes. Full range of colours and modern design and for the more traditional feel, a vast range of wood texture imitation. For the more realistic feel, there is a wood and aluminium combination.

Door infill and panels of any type. Ranging form any type of glass, simple or decorative panels or solid aluminium. Combination of the above.

For more security and protection, we offer armoured doors, tempered and laminated glass, fire resistant doors, multiple locking point lock and latches, security keys.

We can do a key system with multiple master keys or smart lock systems.

Guaranteed low emission and energy savings, with thermal doors, double or triple glazes with Argon.

Separating corridors, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and all type of rooms and areas. Combination of glass, panels, aluminium. We can offer combination of a wooden door with an aluminium jamb and frames.

All range of colours.

Internal or external, manual or automatic, with or without frame, hanging or sitting, hidden or visible. All type of sliding doors for all needs and situations.

All kind of panels infills, from aluminium, glass, mirrors…



We can offer all possibilities and range on the market. All types of glass with low emission types like double or triple glazed with Argon, for the lowest U values.

Tempered and laminated glass for more security and protection.

The standard RAL colour palette can satisfy all wishes in combination with wood texture imitations. Wood and aluminium combination available.

For people that do not want shutters, but still want to able to block the sunlight, we have inside the glass shutters and curtains for partial or total darkness. Manual or motorised functions.



Shutters with fixed slats for the person who knows how much lights he wants (or not). The fixed slats system offers 3 position. Open, partially open (or partially closed for the pessimists) and closed.

With a fixed slat system, you are limited on just to options when the shutter frame is open or closed.

Protect your windows from the sun, hail, wind and any other weather conditions with the option to let a bit of air in with a pleasing design.

Any type of frames like single, double, or multiple panels. With or without outside frame or directly fixed in the external walls (throw-out).

Colours available in all RAL standards and wood texture imitation.

You do not know how much you want or need? Every morning you are in a different mood? Then movable slats are the right solution for you.

Movable slats give the options to have the slats on any position desirable between fully closed or fully opened.

Protect yourselves from the sun, your neighbour looks or the weather and let the air come through. All of that with a quality product and modern look.

Any type of frames like single, double, or multiple panels. With or without outside frame or directly fixed in the external walls (throw-out). Combination of movable and fixed slats available (for example tool shutters can have the top half movable and the bottom fixed slats).

Colours available in all RAL standards and wood texture imitation.

For an old and traditional house or building technique we have a full infill shutters. They block the sunlight completely.

We offer as well modern version of this shutters.

Colours available in all RAL standards and wood texture imitation.

Big openings or multiple panels shutters? Luckily for us and you, are not a problem. Bi-fold systems allows you to enjoy bigger opening in the dark. Open from each end or the middle, symmetrical or asymmetrical systems, depending on your wishes or needs.

Available with fixed or movable slats and I the standard RAL colours and wood texture imitation.



Do you have a big opening for you terrace, balcony or garden exit and you don’t want a door?

In that case we can offer you a sliding balcony door.

Bespoke solutions for you needs and wishes. With single, double or multiple operable/openable panels. Pop-up panels solutions for better seal.

The loss of energy is resolved offering the best quality product with a thermal break and low emission. Double or triple glazed glass with Argon can lower the U value even more.

All kind of available glass and for more security tempered and laminated glass available.

Colours available in all RAL standards and wood texture imitation.



If you are not a typical shutter person or you dislike curtains, then we suggest roller shutters.

Manual or mortised.

The advantages of aluminium shutters above PVC or timber is the low maintenance, durability and resistance to the weather.

No need to pain them every yar, or at all, do not yellow after sunlight exposure and more resistant to hail or wind compared to PVC shutters. Much lighter than timber shutters.

Colours available in all RAL standards and wood texture imitation.

There are a lot of rolled shutter type and your choice depends on if it’s in design stage, new build or if it’s a refurbishing job, as well on personal preferences.

If you want roller shutters on your existing windows, then this is the solution for you.

Similar tot the visible box, if you want to add roller shutter to your existing window, but you can cover the box with render of cladding, then this is the best option for you.

If you are still in design and planning stage, you can incorporate your box inside the wall just above the window.

This option can be done as well if you are changing your complete windows and there is enough height. They are installed at the same time as the window and they are fixed above the window frame.

The box is insulated to avoid cold bridges.

You don’t like the sunlight, but you still want some air to come in? Then roller shutter with a pop-out option is what you are looking for.

This can be combined with any type of roller shutters. Manual or motorized.

You been paranoid? Are you asking if roller shutters are a good enough option against burglars? Don’t worry, you can upgrade your shutters so it’s extends the time for someone to break in and increase the noise level while doing it.

This is available for all roller shutter options.



You want to secure your edge, but you don’t want to block your view or you don’t want to see any balustrade? Glass balustrade for your balcony, terrace, stairs, French balcony and more available in multiple combination, glass only, glass and aluminium or glass and stainless steel is the best solution for you.

Floor embedded system or surface mounted, with or without handrail.

Vast range of combinations, colours, types and solutions. We can help you out in the decision and design process, regarding all legislation and building regulations.




Combination of structural aluminium elements and glass can be used to close complete elevations or parts of it.

Systems with visible frames, or hidden solutions are available.

Continuous facades, with thermal breaks to avoid cold bridges. There is a visible pressure cover holding the glass in place. Possibilities of incorporating doors and windows. Available in any RAL colour or wood texture imitation.

Semi structural system. Only the gap between the glass is visible. Limited options for incorporating windows.

Structural system, same as continuous, without the pressure cover. The glass is secured with structural mastic which is visible in the gaps between the glass sheets.



If you don’t like anything that crawls or flies with more than 2 legs, then get a mosquito net (not only for mosquitos, but for all kind of insects).

Multiple sliding panels are available.

You can choose the net density if you are feeling claustrophobic or you want more air.

Best for balcony sliding or terrace doors.

Colours available in all RAL standards and wood texture imitation.

You can sleep at night because of a constant buzz? Get a mosquito net.

Best solution for a window is a roller system, with or without a spring system. Can be installed vertically or horizontally.

You can choose the net density and colours available in all RAL standards and wood texture imitation.

As the name says, it opens like a door. Ideally for balcony or terrace doors.

You can choose the net density and colours available in all RAL standards and wood texture imitation.

If you don’t use the opening often, or you don’t need to lean over, you don’t like one of the offered movable systems. You can get a fixed system (don’t worry, they are not completely fixed. You can easily remove them when needed)

Net density and colour as above.



We can do whatever is feasible and buildable.